Beach Week in Speech!

Summertime is the best time and Beach Time is even better! I’m always the happiest when I’m around water. Living in Nashville, the beach is a bit of a drive though. So, we bring the beach to our clinic each summer!
There are endless language targets and sensory activities within the beach theme! 
Here are a few of our Beach Week activities.

We use a small blow-up pool and fill it with balls from our ball pit. Kiddos can search through the “water” to find the different sea creatures and treasure that is hidden below the surface. We have summer clothing for dress-up play (great for language, OT, and the imagination!) We throw an umbrella on top to make it a little more festive (and add preposition targets!) You can easily target quantity concepts with this pool too. The possibilities are endless with this easy to assemble pretend beach!

We make a sand sensory box with different sea creatures buried under the sand. Cookie cutters are added to the sandbox to address shapes. Our occupational therapists smooth the sand to practice writing and tracing tasks. 
We also have a water play table on our playground outside for more sensory fun! I like to add a little bit of soap to make bubbles for my kiddos.

My littles love my interactive books and All About the Beach is one of my favorites to teach them about the beach and all it entails even if we can't take a field trip! This interactive book is part of my All About Summer Activities Series. You can find it here.

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