Double Giveaway Time!

Whew! Back to school has been a crazy time at our clinic!! 
Schedule changes, new kiddos, AND we’re getting a new building!! What a fun and exciting season!
I’ve been hard at work creating some new materials for y'all as well as revamping some of my most popular products! I love when I finally finish and get to put them to work. 

We’ve been enjoying my All About Initial /r/ Comprehensive Treatment Bundle lately! I wanted to create something that would cover your needs from identification to graduation. This bundle includes a screener and LOADS of activities to meet every kiddos needs for /r/! (Be watching for vocalic /r/ to come soon!)

I’ve COMPLETELY revamped my Interactive Vocabulary Expansion Activity: What Do You See? (Attribute + Object)!! ALL new pictures. ALL new layout for easier prep, use, and storage! I’ve also added new material to this bundle! Be watching for the 2 Attribute version to be revamped as well!!

Snag the free preview here!

I want to share one of each of these with my loyal followers!! Thank you for your unending support of my adventures!
Enter below!

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