Best. Sale. Ever.

Did you say “August?” “Back to school?!” 
No. Stinkin. Way.
How in the world is it already the end of summer?? 
If you’re shocked (and distraught like me) I’ve got some great news for you! Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing the Best Sale Ever to help you kick off the BEST Year Ever!! 
The sale is August 1st-2nd and stores will be up to 28% off with the code BESTYEAR!

To help you better navigate some must have items during this sale Jenna at Speech Room News is throwing a "What's In Your Cart?" Linky Party! Check it out!!
Here are a few recommendations to kick off your year with a bang!!

All About Holidays: Interactive Book Growing Bundle

Fall Speech and Language Mega Bundle

NO PRINT Apraxia of Speech Cards DOUBLE BUNDLE

Ask Me Target Tags--Articulation Carryover Tags for Speech Therapy

10 Minute Articulation Flip Book
Interactive Articulation Binder 2: sh/ch/J/th

File Folder Activities Back to School Theme
I hope y'all have a wonderful start to the new year! It's always such an exciting, exhilarating time of year! 

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