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Welcome to Short and Sweet Speech! I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite SLPs on TpT, Speech Me Maybe, to launch our blogs. I’ve known Lacee for a couple of years and we both began our TpT journey around the same time. We have worked in the same school district and when she moved to Arizona, I took over her caseload at the private practice that I currently work at. I LOVE her products and she just happens to be one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. To introduce ourselves, we wanted to share  “A Few of Our Favorite Things” and we got a little help from some of the SLPs on TpT that you know and love. 18 (EIGHTEEN!) other SLPs have offered their favorite product to help us compile one HUGE giveaway! Get to know us and get a chance to win BIG!

These are a few of my favorite things…
  1. past time: live music
  2. nail polish: Turquoise and Caicos by Essie
  3. drink: passion tea lemonade
  4. sports team: Oklahoma SOONERS!
  5. ice cream: peppermint
  6. yoga pose: warrior
  7. flower: orchid
  8. guilty pleasure: Scandal
  9. wine: cab sav
  10. disorder to treat: dysphagia or apraxia or aphasia or all of them :)
  11. quirk about me: my laugh is a little loud and always infectious
  12. store: Target
  13. font: Always a Good Time by KG
  14. type of material to create: social skills
  15. book: I don’t think I could ever pick just one, but My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor is a top runner and a great read for any SLP!

These are the favorites of many SLPs on TpT that one lucky winner will score and why they’re just so wonderful! 
Apraxia of Speech Cards Double Bundle
“I love the versatility of this product! It is wonderful for children with apraxia but is also a great tool for children with any speech disorder. I use it in my practice every single day.” -Short and Sweet Speech

Stuttering Therapy: For Elementary Students
“This product is fully comprehensive in that you will feel confident and prepared to treat fluency disorders. My kids thoroughly  enjoy the activities included and benefit from the examples and videos provided within. This product actually makes me look forward to servicing my fluency kiddos on my caseload.“ -Speech Me Maybe

Spring Print-and-Go
“I don't love homework but I know it's necessary. This product pairs perfectly with my Spring Time Fun No Print product for fun homework practice to reinforce the same skills the kid is working on in therapy sessions. I love that I can send home a fun activity to help my kids continue with their language practice without the kids stressing out about hours of homework.” -The Speech Owl

Everything You Need! MEGA Bundle (K-5)
“It's my favorite because it targets Tier 2 vocabulary which is weakness for so many of students, allows me to progress monitor and generalize into the general education classroom.” -Speech to the Core

No Print Interactive Gardening Pronouns
“ I love that the kid's help 'plant a garden' when they choose the correct pronoun because it keeps them engaged!” -Speech Therapy Fun

Cut and Glue Articulation Sudoku
“My favorite product is my Cut and Glue Articulation Sudoku. I love that it requires a little more critical thinking and can be used in sessions or as homework. My students always feel so good after they complete a page.” -Talkin’ with Twang

Irregular Plural Nouns
“I love having fun while learning! My students get excited when I bring out these cards to play. I have an Irregular Past Tense Verbs set too!” -The Therapy Crate

Speech Seeks and Language Looks: Reinforcers for January-June.
“It is a favorite of mine because it is perfect for mixed articulation and language groups AND it is print and go!” -The Speech Peach

Expressive Language: Word Structure
“I love it because it is a simple format that helps so many kids who struggle with the grammatical rules of sentences like pronouns and  verb tense.” -Ashley Rossi, Sweet Southern Speech

Spring On/Off Topic
“This product is an excellent way to teach your students the terms On Topic and Off Topic. Included are training cards, worksheets, and a game.” -Old School Speech

Minimal Pairs Interactive Book: Final Consonant Deletion.
“This is my favorite product because it builds awareness through humor and who doesn't love to add a little humor to their day?” -SLP Tree

Fishing for Compliments
"My fourth graders beg to go fishing and avoid the Sharks as we practice giving and receiving compliments in this fun card game!” -Smart Mouth SLP

Color by Skill: No-Prep Speech and Language Packet, Spring Edition
‘I love this product because it keeps your students' hands busy coloring while you work on language skills! It is also great for busy spring months when you don't have a lot of time for planning! I have also sent these home as homework!” -Panda Speech

 Print and Go: Touch Talk Articulation
“We love Touch Talk because it a fun, face-paced way to maximum therapy time. Not only can you obtain 100 responses, this activity keeps all students busy when it is not their turn.  To make it even better, there is absolutely no prep! Just print and go.” -Sounds Like Fun

Pat, Pat, Where’s Your Hat?
“I love this St. Patrick’s Day book and resource packet for so many reasons. First, it’s hilarious! My students love the funny twist I put in most of my books/products. I love that it rhymes. Simple rhymes are great for language development. The product includes matching pieces, a word wall/memory/vocabulary board game with “lucky” vocabulary/St. Patrick’s Day words. I love reading my books and then reading them a second time using the matching pieces to sequence the story. I love using the word wall/memory/vocabulary board game as a matching/memory game. And this can be used with verbal and non-verbal students. I especially like the LARGE St. Patrick “Pat” to use during the rhyme part of the story. I have each student pass it around and repeat the rhyme holding the “Pat” on a stick. It’s a great way to target so many skills.” -Monae’s Speech House

“I Can” Poster Set
“Kid-Friendly I Can Posters for Speech-Language Therapists' quickly became our favorite product.  We originally designed these to help our students recognize their goals in terms they could understand.  As it turns out, having these displayed has served to educate not only our students, but our administrators, and our classroom teachers, as well.  They have come to understand that we do so much more than just 'speech'.  We love anything that increases others' understanding of our role in the development of communication skills.” -Tech ’N Talk SLPs

Monster Emotions Cards and Bingo
“I love teaching my students about emotions and that, combined with the really cute monster clip art, makes this one of my  favorites! I hope someone else enjoys it as much as I do.” -Communication Blessings

Feed the Leprechaun
“I love Feed the Leprechaun because it is an interactive game that the kids always get excited to play.” -Speech Gems

Break the Ice, an Articulation Activity
“It's my favorite because it targets a wide variety of phonemes in different positions and is a versatile product. You can use it two different ways - with the Don't Break the Ice game or using the spinner that is included in the download.” - Breanna’s Speech Blog

2 Books from Kimberly Scanlon, MA, CCC-SLP
  • My Toddler Talks is a book that provides effective language stimulation tips, techniques and strategies used by professional speech therapists. It is great for caregivers, therapists, EI specialists, and educators!
  • Learning to Read is a Ball is a unique and versatile book that can be used with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners.  It is a must-have for anyone interested in developing language, pre-reading skills and emergent literacy in young children.

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