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Hey, y’all!!
I completed my first travel assignment! WOOOOHOO! I made it!! I learned SO much during my time in Washington, both professionally and personally. I loved being back in the hospital and getting to explore such gorgeous country! I was ready to get back to my family in Oklahoma, but I was NOT ready to leave Washington! I completely fell in love with the PNW while I was there. I will absolutely be going back for vacation, and who knows, maybe another travel assignment! 

Although I was homesick, I was determined to make the most of my remaining time in Washington! I went on as many hikes as I could, found a lavender farm, drove around the Olympic Peninsula solo, soaked up all of the gorgeous sunrises in my backyard, got scuba certified, took a trip to Mexico and Nashville, and celebrated my birthday!

Sequalitchew Trail birthday hike with Chipotle and cupcakes

Staircase Hike 

Sunrise from my back yard each morning

Quick vacation to Tulum, Mexico

Incredible views from Mt. Baker

Lake Cushman, Washington

Jardin de Soleil, Lavendar Farm, Washington

Lake Crescent 

Seattle skyline from Alki Beach 

I decided that if I was going to drive half way across the country, I was going to make it count. So I planned a road trip of as many highlights between Oklahoma and Washington as possible and hit the road (with all my belongings crammed into my car.) It was a packed 5 days, but I got to check some major stops off my bucket list! I’m so excited to share these with y’all!

Avenue of the Giants, Redwood Forest, California

Toketee Falls, Oregon

Arches National Park, Utah

Crater Lake, Oregon

The moon over northern Nevada 

What now?
I’m continuing to search for a position in Tulsa, but haven’t had much luck thus far. I’ve taken the opportunity to devote time to my two businesses, spend as much time with family as possible, complete some continuing education courses, and soak up all the things that I love about home! I’ve been able to spend time at my parent’s lake house, pick up my niece from school and take her to the fair, go to Vegas for convention for one of my businesses, attend baby showers for some of my closest friends, and I even took a trip back to Nashville for a wedding! I’m able to soak up all of life’s sweet moments that I would have missed if I weren’t at home. I’m incredibly grateful for this time! (I’m also excited to see where I’ll travel next!) 

Baby shower celebrations

My sister and mama

Fall in Oklahoma is my FAVORITE!

Fair day with 2 of my nieces

Teaching the art of "fort building"

Gala time in Vegas!

If I still haven’t found anything at home after Christmas, I’m hitting the road again with Hawaii and NYC in my sites! Stay tuned to see where I’ll go next!


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