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How many SLPs do you know that are not Type A? How many do you know that don't obsess over office supplies? There’s truly nothing like a new package of beautifully coordinated color gel pens (my personal favorite are the G2s) or a sparkly new planner to make you feel like you can conquer the world! Some women have to keep themselves away from the shoe section at Target to keep themselves out of trouble, but I am not allowed to go into the office supplies unsupervised. (Okay, I probably shouldn’t be turned loose with the shoe section either.) I have recently discovered a life-changing piece of the office supply section that I didn’t know existed. I could kiss who ever made these! (You’ll have to go to Amazon to get them instead of Target though.)

As much as I love office supplies, I equally love all of the incredible products I’ve found on TpT and created for my TpT store. The only downside is that they don't come with a container to keep everything organized in their Type A place. So, I discovered these hanging bags that changed my whole world! They snap together at the top so they keep everything nicely tucked away. And they have hook handles on the top so that you can hang them up and out of your way while still being able to access your materials easily!

I have organized mine by seasons and holidays. I also have a section for specific skills that are not holiday or seasonally themed. 

They even have this fancy-schmancy stand that you can get to hang them on. 

There’s a variety of brands and sizes. These are 9.25 X 12. You can fit 4 of my Interactive Books in one bag. I also fit my full-prepped seasonal mega bundles in one bag. 
With this particular set, you get 10 bags for $20! Not a bad deal! I've included the link to the set that I purchased. Click here to see them!

What are some of your tips and tricks to keeping your office in order and easy to access?

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