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Social skills activities are some of my favorites to make! I love being silly and addressing somewhat taboo topics. How do you deal with a kiddo who constantly interrupts, says something off topic, or tells you an inappropriate story about what they saw their parents doing over the weekend? How do you help kiddos identify their feelings AND work through them appropriately? I like to use mini-stories and illustrations to help kids identify and work through real-life situations. 
I’ve created a FREEBIE that will help you address these areas with the kiddos on your caseload!

Sensitive Shamrocks Cards. I print and laminate a copy for the board games. These will also be used as copy and paste objects in the Book of Sensitive Shamrocks.

Color and Play Game Board. I like to use this game board with students that I see multiple times in a week. During our first session of the week, they color the board. After it is colored, we use it to play on and they can take it home with them at the end of the week! I use the game pieces out of other board games or let them use multicolored tokens and dice. We draw a Sensitive Shamrock Card, talk about what emotion is on the card, roll the dice, and move the game pieces.

Full Color Game Board. I print and laminate this board for use in my groups. I use the game pieces out of other board games or let them use multicolored tokens and dice. We talk about the different facial expressions that they land on as the game progresses and when they might make those faces. 

Book of Sensitive Shamrocks. Students can cut and paste the shamrocks from the Sensitive Shamrock Cards onto the pages of this take-home book. Talk about the emotion with the students and let them fill in the blanks. Add as many pages as needed. 

Compare and Contrast Sensitive Shamrocks. Students compare feelings and when they might experience them, how they are different, and how they are similar. 

If you love social skills activities, make sure to check out Shamrock Social Skills as well!

Click HERE to get a free copy of this product! By downloading and leaving feedback on this product, you will be entered to win a $10 credit to my store! Winner announced on St. Paddy’s Day!!

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